i am new.

not certain what this will all be about but i guess i’m really just vain enough to think that there may be people outside my immediate circle of loved and liked ones who may enjoy, appreciate, hate or simply just respond to what i have to say. i always thought about writing mainly about issues revolving men, especially that of asian american men who happen to be christian while in their mid-20s; but i’ve found myself walking down streets and laughing too myself about potentially humorous posts about a variety of things. i always thought myself to be well-rounded in my interests so i guess i’ll just have to let whatever i write about simply be a reflection of who i am today.  it’s a growing process really, this blog, this life. i think i know who i am today but i also think i will know much better who i am tomorrow and what i hope to be. now i sound like a 13-year old girl.

honestly, i don’t even know how to use wordpress. i think it took me so long to do this because there were so many options but i felt too good for blogger (take that google). i’m not even capitalizing, spacing only once after .’s and who knows what other shenanigans i’ll be involved in. one day, i’ll do things right. or better. or maybe i’m doing things right now. who the puck knows? here’s another thing, i can’t even curse. well, i can, but i fear that it may look poorly upon me as a christian. it does say in the bible that i shouldn’t. but i curse orally. not often, but sometimes. lately, more frequently. still nowhere near the average person but still a little bit. that’s right im badass. i’ll say “cr*p” and “th*s s*cks” every once in a while. ok, maybe more than once. don’t tell my pastor.

today, my top 5ive is this:

  1. Javier Bardem
    javier bardem – because he’s just straight badass building up more badass for no country for old men 2wo. look how frustrated he is because of the lack of badass on the table.
  2. Vincent Cassel
    vincent cassel – because sometimes you just want to dance with your grandma’s chair in front of a mirror while wearing wide leg pants (bloomers?).
  3. Lesley Manville
    lesley manville – because i don’t know who this is but she’s got “man” in her name so she qualifies. also her response gives me an inside look at girl’s reactions when i used to break up with them. “it’s not you baby, it’s lesley.”
  4. Robert Duvall
    robert duvall – because he is.
  5. Anthony Mackie
    anthony mackie – because straight badassness transforming unexpectedly into weakness. gangsters got feelings too. seriously, at first i thought he was going to come out of the screen and do some badass to me but instead he’s just running away from someone. probably jamal woolard (take that west coast!).

for j.j.


4 responses to “i am new.

  1. awesome!!!! welcome to the blog world 😀

  2. you should repost some of your entries from your elementary school diary. those are gold

  3. 1. i agree with jp, blog entries from your childhood diary would be amazing. you would definitely get a good following!;
    2. in #3 you said when you break up with them?? explain, please!; and
    3. i ❤ you!

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