excuse me, may i sit there?

i take the long island railroad into work everyday.  there aren’t that many seats available by the time i get on the train, so when i saw this douchebag place oversized luggage by the entrance of a row of five seats, i was justifiably irked. this selfish bastard!  there were people standing and this one guy decided to sit with his feet propped, blackberrying away while people were actually standing in the entrance bank of the train.  what a f*cking asshole!

i was angry then and i am still angry now.  currently i am not so much angry at him but at myself.  why didn’t i say something?  why didn’t i call this douche out?  all i could do was sit in my own seat and read my youversion bible.  to memory, there have been other instances where i have called people out for cutting lines at ski lifts, at chicken and rice street vendor lines and bathroom lines at bars but for some reason i didn’t call anyone out here.  i can blame my own selfishness.  i can blame my morning grogginess.  i can blame the fact that other seats were available enough to probably seat those standing.  i can blame everyone else for not taking issue with this inconsiderate luggage man.  i was disappointed in everyone else but at the present moment, i am more disappointed with myself.  every time a slight injustice like this occurs, i take issue but if i don’t act on this issue then i vow to do something next time.  next time next time next time.  always next time.  i want to stop saying next time and i want to feel like “hell yes, i did something. welcome to new york b*tch!”  i know the feeling of thinking and then acting and sometimes acting before thinking but in both instances i am glad that i acted.  at least the next time, the perpetrator will know that (s)he won’t be able to get away with sh*t without someone throwing up a ruckus first.

i am just sad that now this guy will take the train again somewhere and know that people won’t say anything when he places his bigass luggage and block seats while people stand.  i say to myself that if i was one of those standing, i would for sure say something to this man, but i was not and i did not and whether im sitting or standing, it shouldn’t matter.

what was kind of funny was that i was reading proverbs 3 and it says in verse 30,

30(AX) Do not contend with a man for no reason,
when he has done you no harm.

true that luggageman caused me no harm but he offended my sense of fairness, justice, being considerate, being a man.  he was being straight up b*tch.  the only consolation i can take from this morning is that there will be another luggageman, there will be another linecutter, there will always be someone who decides to bend rules in his/her favor thinking that they deserve some sort of special treatment.  i hope that i’m there when that happens.  i hope i’m the one standing.


5 responses to “excuse me, may i sit there?

  1. what about that time you yelled at the chicken and rice line cutters from spain? they almost regretted coming to ny

    but the real question is why is the google ad for this entry – ‘buy massage tables’? maybe google knows that this entry stressed you out

  2. This is neither here nor there, but I hate the L train in the mornings. The only thing that makes slightly bearable is sudoku on my BB.



  4. this post stressed me out. i don’t want you to end up with a black eye during one of these confrontations…

  5. so much anger!

    where is the loveeEE? Where is the loveee? doo doo doo…………..

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