workout motivations

when i workout i try to go as hard as i can.  this tends to be a problem when i feel like being weak.  in order to preempt my weakness, i yell at myself internally.  sometimes i say the same thing and other times i say different things.  my usual go-to motivational phrase is:

  1. don’t be a bitch.

however, yesterday i didn’t say that.  instead i tried a different, more uplifting approach:

  1. you are so boss right now.
  2. you are such a motherf*cking gangster right now.
  3. you will bitchslap everyone in this room right now.

this newfound strategy of boosting my self-esteem worked pretty well.  i may try it again today.  however, what i would like to do is add motivational phrases to my repertoire to use during my workouts.  please tell me what you normally say to motivate yourself during your workout.  if you normally don’t talk to yourself during your workout, please enter what you think you would say to make me want to workout really hard. i normally workout during my lunch break but i will postpone my workout to after the workday so i can utilize some of your motivational phrases.  i will update later saying which phrases i have adopted and implemented into my workout regimen.  my advance appreciation goes out to you.

and because laughter tends to breed creativity:

.: UPDATE :.

After reviewing everyone’s offerings, it seemed that c’s “beauty is pain” may have been viable but after uttering it a few times in my head, I began to run slower on the treadmill.  I tried going back to my uplifting approach but I can only say “you are so boss right now” and “you are so motherf*cking gangster right now” so many times before I realize that I actually have a boss and that I would never do that to a mother and I’m most likely the furthest thing from a gangster.  I do, however, like Godfather 2.  K-Ming’s “why are you such a p*ssy” was very close to my “don’t be a bitch” so I forewent that option.  I did like Alexander’s “Paul Lee is so funny and hilarious, man. He’s the best,” but it seemed oddly irrelevant.  D$’s “if I finish this set, I can go eat” seemed pretty awesome but I didn’t really like thinking about the food I was going to eat when I was still thinking about the food I was trying to burn off.

I tried a plethora of things last night and though I completed a very strenuously successful workout, I don’t recall talking to myself much except for some f-bombs here and there.  I was pretty tired from last week’s workout.  My lower back still hurts from those terrific squats and titillating stiff-legged deadlifts I did last Wednesday.  I did more last night with an addition of a Romanian deadlift as well.  Freaking Romanians.

In other important events, I began to properly capitalize the beginning of my sentences and pronouns.  I didn’t even notice it until 5ive sentences in.  It must have been the Starcraft 2 Bronze League quick matchup I just played against another fellow Terran player.  I Siegetank-dropped his ass.  I am currently 14th in the Medic Kappa division.

Until next workout and Starcraft victory, zipideedoodah!


15 responses to “workout motivations

  1. “why are you such a pussy” is my go to. can’t say it works though. i should try being positive sometime.

  2. I have trouble motivated myself when I am on the aerobic machines (especially elliptical and arc trainer) because I get bored too quickly and it’s easy to let up when I am getting tired… Any tips?

  3. Do you listen to music? Helps a lot.

    • i do listen to muzak but im looking for motivational phrases people. cmon! hellooo! dolce and gabana! rihanna can only do so much for me.

      • Sometimes I think to myself:
        “I wanna be bigger than Paul Lee”
        “Remember Korean Mang’s profile picture!”

        Foreal, though I just need a mirror. It’s the ultimate motivator.

        Make them jji jjis dance.

  4. my strategy is that I don’t even work out and I still say those things to myself in the mirror

  5. lol. i was sort of dying of laughter when i read your post today because i heard you saying it in my head. the phrase “beauty is pain!” will usually pop into my head, but i get more motivation when i see people around me at the gym sweating and grunting in pain.

  6. Paul Lee is so funny and hilarious, man. He’s the best.

  7. “If I finish this set, I can go eat”
    “If I don’t do this, then i have to get a christmas present for the guy at the office”
    “No lift….no gchat at work”
    or my personal favorite..
    “If i bang this out, people at my office will call me DMONEY!”

  8. i ask myself if i can believe how much i am in heaven

  9. i find that when i think about myself, i lose motivation

    but if i think about outside of myself, i gain motivation

    ie, i wanna be big to look good –> ho hum. i’m done whatevs.
    contrast w/
    ie, what if there’s some type of war or i need to defend my family in a hand to hand combat to the death –> pain is nothing

    • wow, that’s pretty awesome. i’m going to have to try that out next time seriously. warfare. family honor. defending the baby(ies). well done raymond.

  10. 1) ” stop being a pussy you little bitch” – looks like this is a pretty popular one according to other comments
    2) “no regrets” – or any saying from friday night lights
    3) mentally, i think back to playing bball and football in hs during conditioning days in the summer and running sprints for entire practices. chances are what you did in hs was a lot more physically taxing than what you’re doing now…the precedent’s already been set.

  11. “b*tch, I can run faster than you!”

    trying to beat the chicks around me usually motivates me haha.

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