famiLee times

I went to my uncle’s house for Christmas.  It was an awesome time to gather with people who I love very much and who I do not get to see often.  I was reminded of how fortunate I am to have such loving people in my life.  Without them I would not be where I am today or will be tomorrow.

I was also reminded of how my uncle used to babysit me when my parents couldn’t watch me due to work.  He changed my diapers, taught me how to draw and put up with all my shenanigans.  A little punk I was and still am at times.  My uncle is an abstract artist who went to Seoul National University (Harvard of Korea) and received his M.F.A. from Pratt.  He has a website with a lot of his artwork.  His son (my cousin) also has a website with his artwork.


I wrote a recent post that detailed my Thanksgiving and my lack of appreciation for my family.  I wanted to apologize for the post as it lacked taste and was very mean.  I did not mean to offend anyone and I will not be posting things of such ill nature in the future.  Holidays are a time to remember how blessed we are no matter our situation, whether it is with family or friends or maybe with no one at all.  We all have things to be thankful for and maybe it is harder for some to remember these things than other people, but no matter what, there has to be something.

Cheers people!


One response to “famiLee times

  1. the holidays are indeed a remembrance of what is good and true–joy, patience, grace and love.

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