happy new year’s day everyone!

The Korean tradition of eating tteokguk on New Year’s Day persisted in the Lee household.  It’s basically a carb happy dish comprised of rice cakes in soup.  It’s not sexy or anything but it can be when dumplings are added, which is exactly what Mama Lee did.  She makes them by hand filled with kimchi, clear rice noodles, tofu, eggs and beef.  My mom also makes her own kimchi.  One day, when I open my own Korean barbecue restaurant, it’s going to be stocked with her kimchi.  It will also be on sale separately in large and small jars.  No medium  because you either go hard or go small, not medium.


Mama Lee's Mandoo (Dumpling) Tteokguk with dried seawood on top.


An army of Mama Lee's mandoos, complete with pink toothbrush to ensure cleanliness.

Although the origin of eating tteokguk on New Year’s is not known, I believe a certain amount of bad luck befalls the Korean who fails to do so.  But who needs luck when you have handmade dumplings so fat that it’ll make you look skinny while making you fatter in the end!


Mama Lee's Mandoos.


Mama Lee's Mandoos without flash.


Mama Lee also make her own kimchi by hand with love. Look at the red love!


2 responses to “happy new year’s day everyone!

  1. omg can you bring me some mandoos?
    share please !

  2. i’m digging the food porn. mama lee makes mandoo like mama choi. love it. although i’m not sure what the toothbrush is used for. does she have a secret trick with that?

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