The Personal Journal of The Korean Boy

In the formative years of The Korean Mang, journals were written.  They were written with the idea that they would one day be read by futuristic human beings or by an alien race.  The journal would be preserved by a time capsule.  The idea was procured from Calvin & Hobbes.  The author was nine.  The following is an entry from when he was a young lad.  Verbatim.

Please note that the writing is executed in an explanatory fashion because as a young Korean boy, he was very bright and knew that not all people would know what kimchi was or why a certain bedroom in my home was called the “Grandma” bedroom.
Dec. 18, 1994       Entry No. 2
Continued from Dec. 17, 1994.

I’m back now so I was finishing my Korean school story.  During the way home from Korean school we went to a gasoline station for gas for my grandma’s car then we went and watched some t.v. and had lunch.  For lunch we had rice, spicy vegetables, spicy soup with tofu, vegetables, and some meat, we had little fish, and dried seaweed.  Right now I’m going to take a shower right now so I’ll be back soon.  I’m back now so let’s go back to my story.  I have to tell you this, I’m not going to write paragraphs because it gets me confused.  After lunch I watched t.v. and later on my grandma and Dana, my cousin (she’s 3 years old) went to sleep on the couch and I was watching t.v., later my grandma and Dana went to sleep in the “Grandma” bedroom to sleep.  It is called the “Grandma” bedroom because my babysitter (she was a grandma but she was still strong) slept there.  But ever since her son and his wife had a baby, my babysitter had to babysit him instead.  Oh, well at least I could visit my babysitter.  Back to my story.  After they left I turned off the t.v. and went to sleep on the couch and I let David my brother which is 5 years old play with my stuff.  I slept for two hours and woke up to see “The Karate Kid” Part Two and then thats all of my day even though there’s more to write I want to write about today.
To be continued…


8 responses to “The Personal Journal of The Korean Boy

  1. priceless

    paragraphs can definitely get confusing. what an insightful korean boy

  2. yes, finally!
    you are so considerate to your journal, letting her/him know you will be back soon, etc.

  3. more, more! haha… hilarious. you’re so descriptive with what you ate.

  4. omg! this is hilarious. i particularly enjoyed reading the part where you do not like to write in paragraphs b/c they’re confusing. i hear you. they are confusing.

  5. hahaha, BRB, journal! awesomness…

  6. “Diary of a Korean Boy” should be a weekly blog entry too.

  7. hahahaha more korean boy journals preaj!

  8. of course food is the top of choice haha
    funny how all my diary entries sound the same. just enter boys names where you have foods listed…

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