Stop Saying “Happy New Year!” And Prestigious Lunch!

After getting my lunch from my prestigious cafeteria, I got on the elevator along with the CFO of our firm.  As we get on, a person he knows greets him with, “Hey Prestigious CFO, happy new year!”  After said person leaves, he asks me, “At what point do people stop saying “Happy New Year” to each other?  Wasn’t that two weeks ago?”  Thinking I was the witty conversationalist, I replied that people stop saying happy new year in February.  He gave me a small grunt and left when his floor came.  I guess me not so witty.

In other important events, I ate arugula, chickpeas and some chicken breast with herbs on it.  I eat nice for lunch so I can eat naughty for dinner.


Non-Naughty Lunch

.: UPDATE :.


Very naughty dinner!


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