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BCS Bowl and BCS Bowl Food!

Last night the BCS Bowl game where Auburn narrowly beat Oregon 22-19.  It was a great game and I enjoyed watching it thoroughly, especially because we had someone cook amazing food to accompany our good times.  Pictured below, you will find lasagna, toasted garlic bread and blueberry shortcake conjured by MJC Culinary Services.  It’s this one-man catering operation authored by a guy named Mikey, a French Culinary Institute graduate, who comes to your place and cooks whatever you want for a really reasonable price.  This was literally the best lasagna I ever had in my life.  I know that this proclamation is a little skewed because I haven’t had that many opportunities to eat it but this was really good.

The lasagna was perfect.  All the noodles were perfectly soft but not too soft.  The sausage was cooked well and not burnt.  The sauce was flawless and there was just the right amount of ricotta.  He even had tiny cubes of potatoes in the lasagna as well, which gave it a really hearty flavor.  It was awesome!  My pictures kind of suck because I already started digging into my food but that’s how good it was.  I almost forgot to pray before I ate!


MJC Culinary Services Lasagna. Awesome.


MJC Culinary Services Garlic Bread. Toasty.

The blueberry shortcake was actually made by one MJC’s assistants but it was still really good.  I think the assistant’s name was Clara.  Sweet but not too sweet.  Perfect.


MJC Culinary Services Blueberry Shortcake. Really good.

Overall, had a great night.  I got really tired and slept over my friend’s place because I live all the way out in Strong Island.  Because of this I am also wearing the same exact work clothes as yesterday but thus far, no one has noticed.  Good thing I keep extra underwear in my office.  Also good thing for non-iron shirts.    My face feels bloated from all the lasagna I ate.  I also won $26.09 from betting on the under (72) of the BCS game.  I also bet on the spread on Oregon (+3) but that outcome was pushed.  A win is a win.  Money is monay!


holiday party at supremely prestigious nyc law firm


i’m a paralegal. these two buffoons are my co-paralegals. we all wear glasses and point at each other’s prestige. we have the fun time.