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does desi food truck have better kati rolls than biryani cart?


we shall soon find out!

…and UPDATE!

regrettably, it’s hard to know whether i think they are better because they are better or if they are just the last tasty thing i ate so i think they’re better.  need to eat it side by side with biryani’s to know for sure.  i think kati roll down by nyu is the bombs though hands down.  but without comparison, these babies are certainly tasty.  now i have never tasted babies before but i assume these desi rolls may be just as sweet if not sweeter.  also a little bit on the expensive side because you’re paying $4.50/$5.50 for these bad boys.  i guess if it was $0.50 to $1 cheaper than it would be just riiiiiiiight.  what can you do?  not everyone can be a gut boy!

comparison taste test to come!

credits: k-sohn, korean auditor