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Save Half Your Lunch for Later!

A good healthy eating tip is to halve your lunch and save the second half for a few hours later.  That way you guarantee yourself more opportunity for your metabolism to burn both portions and minimize the amount of fat that your body stores.  You can pretty much do this with any of your meals but for me, it seems to work best for lunch because if I eat the whole thing, I usually get sleepy or congested or fat or all of these.  Also I have something to look forward to in the latter part of my work day.  Instead of coffee, I just go for the second half of my lunch.

Most health conscious people will say that one should eat smaller meals more frequently.  Instead of the traditional three American sized meals a day, try four to six meals and see where that gets you.  Eating is half the battle in the war on fat.  You can work out all you want but if you’re not eating properly, you’re pretty much undoing a good chunk of what you accomplished in the gym.  Figure out how many calories you should be eating a day and then try to estimate how much you should be eating per meal, whether that’s four or six meals per day.  For me, a 6’0″. 205lb male who is moderately to very active, I should consume anywhere from 3,100 to 3,500 calories a day.  That’s approximately 620 to 700 calories per meal.  It’s obviously hard to hit this figure on the dot exactly each time but I just try to get near it as best as I can.  Knowing myself, I tend to overeat so I just tell myself, when in doubt, cut it out.  Corny, but can be very effective.

In order to follow this approach, you have to debunk the definition of a meal.  A meal can be a glass of soy milk (80 calories) and a protein bar (200 calories).  I’ll usually eat that between breakfast and lunch.  For breakfast, I’m usually eating oatmeal or Greek yogurt with blueberries, strawberries, bananas, flax seeds, granola and some honey.  Sometimes I mix in protein powder because I have to dull my withdrawal from steroids.  For lunch, I just go to my superbly prestigious law firm cafeteria and get a sandwich (below) or some chicken breast with greens and whatever else they got going on.  For dinner, I tend to rely on what Mama Lee or Gramama Lee whips up.  Typically, they’re doing some traditional Korean fare, which includes plenty of white rice, rice cake, white noodles or other carb-rich dishes, but to combat this, I just take whatever they give me and dump half of it back in the pot.  I compensate by eating more of the veggie or protein dishes.

All of this is easier said than done but if done, one will be quite happy with the results.  Once you start trying this method of healthy eating out, you’ll realize that not feeling full, just satisfied is the perfect feeling after a meal.  You won’t get food coma as much and you’ll still be on top of your game.  Typically, when I tell myself, “Mang, I just want one more bite,” that’s usually a good sign to stop eating.  It’s January now but there will come a time this year where the consequences of your eating habits will be exposed.  Judgment Day will come like a thief in the night.  Secure your abdominals!  They’re highly prized!  If you don’t have any, go get some!

A Much Healthier Manwich: pepper turkey, cucumbers, hot peppers, tomatoes, monterey Jack, red onions, avocado spread, honey mustard, all healthily placed on seven grain bread with carrot sticks and sweet pickles on the side.

Dissipating Stereotypes

A fierce friend of mine, Lydia Lim, wrote this article in Konnect Magazine.  Pretty cool stuff.  Check it out.

Lydia Lim, kicks ass as a Philadelphia public school art teacher.

My Friend, Brendon

Today, I was supposed to use my Snow Day to play copious amounts of Starcraft 2.  I would have played some 2v2 games with my partner in crime, Brendon.  He is my friend from college.  We used to lead freshmen orientation groups together for our school during the summer.  We were also roommates for the duration of the two month long orientation program.  The very first time I met him, I had just returned from having dinner with my friends after I moved my stuff into our summer dorm room.  When I came into the room, I noticed our bathroom occupied and I knew it was him.  He was in there for kind of a while, which added to the buildup of meeting him.  I had no idea what he looked or was like so it was kind exciting/terrifying/wonderful all at the same time.  Finally, once he unlocked the bathroom door, he came out and I was so scared.  Tall (6’2″ or so), white (very white) with tats and he was only wearing whitey tights.  White on white crime right in front of me!

Needless to say, we got along very well and engaged in long conversations throughout many summer nights.  It may have been considered romantic had either one of us was gay but alas we were not to be.  We kept in touch sporadically after that fateful summer but Starcraft 2 has brought us back together.  Glorious Starcraft 2.  It reunites and bonds brothers.  I used to misspell his name all the time (Brendan, Brenden, Brendin, Brandon) but now I’m writing a blog post about him.  BrendOn also got a lot more tatoos since graduation.

Brendon's titty tats.

Oblique tat.

He’s got some more, including his entire left arm and who knows where else.  I’ll have to update at a later time.

Brendon is also a funny person.  Below is an exchange between him and a friend of his, who is actually a friend of mine as well.


Oh, Brendon.

Snow Day = Fun & Fat Day!

Below is phase one of Snow Day.


My Famous Breakfast Manwich: two slices of honey maple bacon, two slices of thick bacon, two eggs, one hash brown, caramelized onions, peppers, cheddar, monterey jack, mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, chives all healthily placed on toasted seven grain bread.


.: UPDATE :.

My once glorious Snow Day got cut short.  The trains started running again.  At least I got a few Snow Hours.

Winter Storm Warning!

If it snows a lot tomorrow, I will play so much Starcraft 2, it’s going to be epic.  Also I will eat.

One can only hope.

BCS Bowl and BCS Bowl Food!

Last night the BCS Bowl game where Auburn narrowly beat Oregon 22-19.  It was a great game and I enjoyed watching it thoroughly, especially because we had someone cook amazing food to accompany our good times.  Pictured below, you will find lasagna, toasted garlic bread and blueberry shortcake conjured by MJC Culinary Services.  It’s this one-man catering operation authored by a guy named Mikey, a French Culinary Institute graduate, who comes to your place and cooks whatever you want for a really reasonable price.  This was literally the best lasagna I ever had in my life.  I know that this proclamation is a little skewed because I haven’t had that many opportunities to eat it but this was really good.

The lasagna was perfect.  All the noodles were perfectly soft but not too soft.  The sausage was cooked well and not burnt.  The sauce was flawless and there was just the right amount of ricotta.  He even had tiny cubes of potatoes in the lasagna as well, which gave it a really hearty flavor.  It was awesome!  My pictures kind of suck because I already started digging into my food but that’s how good it was.  I almost forgot to pray before I ate!


MJC Culinary Services Lasagna. Awesome.


MJC Culinary Services Garlic Bread. Toasty.

The blueberry shortcake was actually made by one MJC’s assistants but it was still really good.  I think the assistant’s name was Clara.  Sweet but not too sweet.  Perfect.


MJC Culinary Services Blueberry Shortcake. Really good.

Overall, had a great night.  I got really tired and slept over my friend’s place because I live all the way out in Strong Island.  Because of this I am also wearing the same exact work clothes as yesterday but thus far, no one has noticed.  Good thing I keep extra underwear in my office.  Also good thing for non-iron shirts.    My face feels bloated from all the lasagna I ate.  I also won $26.09 from betting on the under (72) of the BCS game.  I also bet on the spread on Oregon (+3) but that outcome was pushed.  A win is a win.  Money is monay!